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Thinking Wood Pellet Stoves?

4 Reasons to Buy a Wood Pellet Stove

Jamie and her husband were looking for wood pellet stoves in VT. They managed to stop by three knowledgeable wood stove dealers and picked up some good advice.

Here's some notes Jamie took. That are not only helpful but lay out four reasons why you might want to take a closer look at wood pellet stoves.

For starters they learned that wood stoves that burn pellets are efficient. More so than old fashioned cord wood stoves.

In fact according to Jamie's notes a ton of pellets is roughly equivalent to about 1.5 cords of wood. To see what that means to you, take the cost of a cord and a half of wood and stack that up (no pun intended) against the price of a ton of pellets. I suspect you'll find pellets come out on top.

Then how many tons of wood pellets to heat your home? Obviously that depends on how cold it gets. But you can figure between a ton and a half to two tons of wood pellets for stoves should about do it.

Jamie also noted that wood pellet stoves let you control the temperature precisely. Not precise like a brain surgeon. But for sure better than the hot to cold whipsawing you get with an old fashioned wood stove.

Wood pellets burn more completely also. Leaving less ash. Which means you don't have to clean wood pellet stoves nearly as often. Her husband liked that.

And because they burn so well, pellets are a naturally more efficient way to get the most heat out of the least amount of wood. Which is basically waste wood anyhow. So you're helping the environment AND your wallet.

All of which are some reasons to buy a wood pellet stove.

Wood Pellets Stove Breakthrough

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