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Pellet Stoves: Know What To Look For

Plenty of Reasons to Warm
Up to the Idea of Pellet Stoves

Question: I use my fireplace trying beat my high heating bills. But it's a hassle and doesn't seem to save me that much as running the furnace alone. Looking at the alternatives wood pellet stoves seems to make sense. Are they a low maintenance energy efficient option?

Actually a wood pellet stove from Harman, Breckwell or Whitfield among others makes for an excellent choice for heating part or all of your house. Here are some reasons why

Energy Saver: Pellet stoves are big on saving energy and great for lowering your heating bills. One reason for this is smallish wood pellets have a high ratio of surface area to density. That means this fuel source burns quicker and more completely compared to wood logs while throwing off more heat. These heaters also don't give off thick smoke which can contribute to air pollution.

Easy to Load/Unload: Refilling your pellet burner is no big deal since a big hopper makes a reload quick and easy. All you do is pour the pellets in from convenient 40-pound bags.

Battery Backup: A drawback of this heat source is they need electricity to operate your blower, auger and combustion feed. Which is why most models come with battery back up. That way should the power go out you don't have to worry about freezing to death.

Ease of Maintenance: It's so easy to maintain a pellet stove. You only need to refill the hopper according to how much heat you're looking to generate. Plus the nice thing is pellets produce much less ash than logs. So emptying the ash drawer at least once a week isn't a big chore. All the more if you have a detachable ash pan for faster unloading and cleaning.

Push Button Starting: A self-igniting option makes for quick and easy start up.

Smart Pellet Stoves: Worried about manual adjustments? Consider getting a smart stove. It does the temperature adjustments on its own giving you steady even heat output.

Loop the Heat: Another great feature of these stoves are convection fans. These fans can make the whole room warm and cozy though the warmth is only coming from one source. Bundled with smart stove thermostats, such heating appliances will lower your bills yet keep you warm throughout those cold winter months.

No Chimney Needed: You don't need an expensive chimney to use a pellet stove. All you need is a wall vent pipe cut into an outside wall of your house to allow the exhaust out during installation. Although you can take advantage of an existing fireplace by using inserts that burn pellets.

Double-Duty Pellet Stove: Can't decide between a wood pellet stove and a corn pellet stove? Look for a corn burners that have a wood pellet setting. This is important because corn and wood pellets have different ash content. Remember corn pellets don't burn well in regular pellet stoves while wood pellets do burn well in corn burning stoves.

Stock-up on Pellets During the Off Season: Save even more by getting a ton of pellets on sale at the end of the season when suppliers are looking to clear out their inventory.

Now that you know some of the more appealing features of a good pellet stove you're ready to go shopping. Still it pays to be a smart and curious shopper. Make a list of the features you want so you won't end up with a stove that doesn't work for you.

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