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corn pellet heating stoves

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Save With Corn Pellet Heating Stoves

News Flash: Corn Pellet Wood Stoves Are Hot!

Actually the term "corn pellet heating stoves" is really somewhat of a misnomer. Although some corn burning stoves do require wood pellets for maximum efficiency, for many shelled corn is the only fuel required to do the job. That is heat your home instead of using your forced air furnace.

Still heating with corn pellets, if we want to go with that, can cut heating costs dramatically.

Even better corn pellet heating stoves warm homes with little smoke or effort. And are quite safe.

You seee corn stoves on average, burn about a bag of corn a day. And you can expect to pay anywhere from $2.50 to more than $5 per bag at farm supply stores or at grain elevators. Just be careful to check what you're buying: Bags usually hold either a full bushel or 56 pounds of shelled corn. Or just 50 pounds.

Either way corn is one of the best sources of biomass for home heating. Renewable every year. Readily available in many parts of the country. Easy to store.

Corn is even an even better fuel than wood pellets for heating your home. With a high efficiency, some stove manufactures claim up to 82 percent, corn stoves are the cheapest source of heat for a home.

Plus corn burns hotter.

While wood pellets is more expensive than corn, they too are probably still much cheaper than using the heat pump or forced air furnace sitting in the basement.

So corn pellet heating stoves whether burning field corn or wood pellets is an earth friendly way to heat.

Corn Pellet Heating Stoves

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